Golden Tiger Photo Circuit (GTPC) 2018

Closing Date 22 June 2018

截至日期 22日6月2018年

Professional and Amateur Photographers from all over the world are cordially invited to take part in the Golden Tiger Photo Circuit (GTPC) 2018 that is conducted in accordance with the recommended practices and rules of The Photographic Society of America (PSA). The GTPC received patronage for all sections from PSA.

There are 3 sections with more than 696 awards to vie for.

  • PSA Patronage for all 3 sections PSA 2018/247

This Salon is conducted in conformity with PSA. Acceptances and awards from this Salon are eligible for PSA Star Ratings, Who’s Who, and credited towards the PSA Distinctions.

本沙龙诚意邀请世界摄影家踊跃参加2018年金虎国际摄影沙龙巡回赛 (GTPC) 。本沙龙是根据美国摄影学会(PSA) 所订沙龙规章举办。这些机构也为所有入选作品提供赞助。入选作品可申请列入美国摄影学会摄影家名录以及星级记分。


  • PSA承认 PSA 2018/247


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International Centre for Photography Excellence
Asia Photographers Union
Association of Photographic Artists Singapore
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